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Rhinoplasty is an extremely complex surgical procedure with adjustments made on the order of millimeters. It takes years to develop the 'eye' that Dr. Santiago has to translate a patient's desires into reality. Dr. Santiago is one of the region's Top Rhinoplasty Surgeons having joined the Rhinoplasty Century Club (A Small Elite Group of Surgeons who have performed over 100 Rhinoplasties in their Career) Dr. Santiago is known for taking on the most difficult rhinoplasty cases, including patient's who have had 2, 3, and even 4 prior Rhinoplasty procedures.  

He has experience performing Cosmetic Rhinoplasty on members of the media industry as well as reconstructive rhinoplasty surgery on battle injured US Navy SEALS.

Price Range: $7,000 - $17,000 *

*Price includes all surgeon's and facility fees. 


Eyelid surgery is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to remove years from one's appearance. Whether it's from redundant upper eye-lid skin, or under-eye bags, most eyelid surgery can be performed comfortably fully awake in the clinic with local anesthetic similar to what you receive at the dentist. 

Dr. Santiago's goal is to provide you with a refreshed  look and avoiding an over-done appearance. Fat grafting may be employed at the same time as blepharoplasty to achieve your goals. This decision will be made together with Dr. Santiago at your consultation

Price Range: $2,000 - $7,000 *

*Price includes all surgeon's and facility fees. 

Body Contouring 


In years past, body contouring procedures such as liposuction required one to undergo general anesthesia and long recovery times. Dr. Santiago is one of the few surgeon's in the area performing full body-contouring procedures without the need for sedation or general anesthetic. Dr. Santiago uses ultra-thin liposuction cannulas which allow one to undergo painless fat removal of your trouble areas while completely awake. In fact, most patients are able to return to work the same day, or next day, and are able to control post-procedural pain without taking any narcotic medications. 

Price Range: $1,500/area *

*Price includes all surgeon's and facility fees. 

Face and Neck Lift

Face and Neck Lift surgery (aka Rhytidectomy) is the most effective way to take 10-15 years off your appearance. Most patients are able to tolerate face and neck left while awake or under light sedation. Dr. Santiago's Mini-Lift short-scar procedure is a great option for patients under 60 looking to refresh their appearance with less downtime than most face lift procedures. 

Dr. Santiago's goal is to provide you with a Refreshed  look while avoiding an overdone or pulled-back appearance. Fat grafting may be employed at the same time as face and neck lift surgery to achieve your goals. This decision will be made together at your consultation. Additionally, Dr. Santiago performs revision face and neck lift procedures and is available for second opinions.  

Price Range: $7,000 - $15,000

*Price includes all surgeon's and facility fees. 

Lip Augmentation

Dr. Santiago is well-known in the area as a Top Lip Injector because of his ability to maintain the natural contours of the lip (such as the 'cupid's bow') while increasing lip fullness. Dr. Santiago exclusively uses cannulas (as opposed to sharp needles) for his filling procedure which avoids the risks of bruising, post-procedural pain, and allows patients to go directly from their filler procedure to cocktail hour without missing a beat. Dr. Santiago's provides the most 'natural appearing' lip augmentation in the region

Price Range: $800 - $1600 

*Price includes all surgeon's and facility fees. 


Dr. Santiago is known for the long-lasting, natural look he provides his patients. Whether you are seeking Botox injections to smooth out areas of the face, or as part of a full facial rejuvenation program, Dr. Santiago's technique has been quoted by dozen's of patient's as being 'The Best Botox they've Ever Had'.  To achieve the absolute best results with Botox injection, one requires an intimate knowledge of the muscular anatomy of the face. Because he considers Botox injection just as important as facial rejuvenation surgery, all facial injections are performed by Dr. Santiago himself. 

Price Range: $16/Unit 

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a component of blood which contains millions of growth factors necessary for the healing and rejuvenation of many different tissue types. Concentrating these factors by spinning your blood in a centrifuge and obtaining the plasma gel allows it to be used for rapid wound healing, skin rejuvenation (in conjunction with microneedling), as well for hair growth stimulation. Platelet Rich Plasma is the purest form of your body's healing capabilities. Dr. Santiago uses PRP following surgical procedures, to improve fine lines, and stimulate new hair growth. 

Price Range: $250 - $2000/procedure

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