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Neuroplastic Surgery

Neuroplastic Surgery is the field involved in the reconstruction of patients with visible deformities resulting from Neurosurgical Procedures. Such deformities can include temporal hollowing or temporal wasting,  complex repair of spinal wounds or visible deformities of the back and neck following spine surgery, and skull reconstruction (aka 'cranioplasty'). Dr. Santiago is the world's first surgeon formally trained in the specialty of Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and has performed more cranial reconstructive surgeries than most plastic surgeons perform in a life-time.  He  trained at the Prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in both the departments of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (under the world renowned face transplant and Neuroplastic surgeon Dr. Chad Gordon) and in the Johns Hopkins Department of Neurosurgery

Dr. Santiago is available for consultation without referral by patients, and by Neurosurgeons, and Neurologists as well.  

Migraine Surgery

Migraine disease can be debilitating, and can severely restrict a person’s ability to function well in their daily lives. For patients who have undergone standard medical treatment with migraine medication without satisfactory improvement, Dr. Santiago offers alternative treatments such as Botox injections, and Head and Neck nerve decompression therapy, which have been found to have up to a 90% success rate in studies of these techniques!

Many times, patients with medicine refractory migraine could be suffering from sensory nerve compression which lead to migraine attacks. For this subset of patients, Dr. Santiago is able to use minimally invasive surgical techniques to decompress nerves in the face, head and neck to relieve migraine symptoms.

Please contact our office for a consultation if you have been treated medically for migraines under the care of a Neurologist and continue to have debilitating symptoms.

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